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Kerberos Password Policy For MHPCC

MHPCC Kerberos passwords must be changed every 90 days. After 90 days passwords will automatically expire.

Passwords should not be any of the following:

  • dictionary words (including foreign and technical dictionaries)
  • anyone's or anything's name
  • a place
  • a proper noun
  • a phone number
  • passwords of the same character
  • simple pattern of letters on keyboards
  • any of the above reversed or concatenated
  • any of the above with digits prepended or appended

Passwords must be eight characters long, minimum.

Passwords must contain THREE of the following:

  • upper case characters
  • lower case characters
  • numbers
  • punctuation characters

Passwords must not repeat (none of the last five passwords may be re-used).

One possible method for picking a good password is to make up your own acronym. For example, good Passwords are not that hard to choose would be gPanth2c.

Another possibility is to use two words separated by punctuation. For example, hill*grass.

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