MHPCC US Maintenance - May 31 - June 1, 2016 - Arista Switch
26 April 2016
The MHPCC Utility Server (US) is scheduled for maintenance Tuesday, May 31 - June 1, 2016 starting at 0700 (HST) as posted on the MHPCC DSRC web site at and

The primary focus of this outage to upgrade the supervisor and fabric modules on Arista 7508 switch that supports CWFS. MHPCC US and MHPCC Portal services will be unavailable during this period.

Users are invited to report problems and direct requests for unclassified assistance to The HPC Help Desk at 1-877-222-2039 or email

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MHPCC User Services

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Help Desk & 24x7 Support

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Regularly Scheduled System Maintenance

The Maui High Performance Computing Center may reserve the entire system on site for regulary scheduled maintenance the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (HST). The reservation is scheduled the previous Friday. Every Monday afternoon, a committee convenes to determine if maintenance will be performed. If so, a Message of the Day will be posted and available for review upon login. If not, the reservation will be released and no message will be posted.

Additionally, the system may be down periodically for software and hardware upgrades at other times. Users are usually notified of such times in advance by "What's New" and by the login banner. Unscheduled downtimes are unusual but do occur. In such cases, notification to users may not be possible. If you can not access the system during a non-scheduled downtime period, please send email to your appropriate help desk, either or .

Help Desk Coverage

Maui High Performance Computing Center offers Help Desk and 24x7 support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Full Help Desk coverage for all MHPCC user issues is provided during MHPCC's normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 0800 to 1700 Hawaiian Standard Time (GMT -10 hours), excluding MHPCC holidays. Full Help Desk coverage for all HPCMP user issues is provided Monday through Friday, 0730 to 2330 Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays from the HPC Help Desk. More information on the Help Desk may be found at

MHPCC support coverage is also provided for SEVERITY 1 problems at all other times, i.e., weekends, holidays, and 1700 to 0800 during the week. SEVERITY 1 problems are described below. They comprise problems which affect ALL users and significantly impact all users ability to access MHPCC, compile programs, run jobs, and access and analyze data.

How To Contact The Help Desk

The MHPCC Help Desk is available for all non-HPCMP users. Any MHPCC user with an active MHPCC account who is experiencing technical problems or has technical questions regarding MHPCC systems may contact the MHPCC Help Desk at the following times:

During MHPCC business hours (All questions and problems):

Telephone: (808) 879-5077 -- Ask for Help Desk
Fax: (808) 879-5018 -- Attention Help Desk

After MHPCC business hours:

MHPCC now offers limited on site support to users 24x7. Assistance with Severity 1 problems and limited help desk support is now provided by MHPCC Operations Staff during evenings, nights, and holidays.

After Hours Telephone: (808) 879-5077


Non-HPCMP MHPCC Users, call the After Hours telephone and report your problem.

If for some reason the call is not received, leave a voice mail message speaking slowly, clearly and loudly, including the following information:

User id
Telephone number (including area code) for call back
System and/or node experiencing problem
Error Message or description of problem

MHPCC Operations Staff will return your call as soon as possible, typically within 15 minutes

Problem Determination and Action

Users should determine if their call is Severity 1 before calling the MHPCC After Hours number after normal business hours. If it is not Severity 1, please send email to .

In general, a Severity 1 problem is a problem which affects all users from accessing and running jobs on the MHPCC computers. If your problem is individual in nature, it is unlikely a Severity 1 and should wait until the next business day.

The following is a listing of categories of Severity 1 problems that could occur. Click on the description that most closely describes the problem you are having. This listing will help you to determine if your problem is Severity 1 or not.

Login and Access Problems






Software License Problem


World Wide Web Server


None Of The Above

If none of the above categories and descriptions fit your problem, then evaluate it as follows:

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