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About Us

The MHPCC DSRC, established in 1993, is an Air Force research Laboratory (AFRL) Center managed by the University of Hawaii under contract to the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. The MHPCC DSRC operates as one of the five DoD Supercomputing Resource Centers in the DoD's High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP).

Vanguard Center for High Performance Computing

MHPCC is the Vanguard of DOD High Performance Computing. MHPCC is exploring emerging technology, with new supercomputing architectures such as IBM POWER8+ and new HPC application areas such as Machine Learning all while striving to lower barriers to high productivity computing.

Our Mission

To evaluate and optimize early production HPC technology and provide breakthrough software solutions to significantly increase the breadth and impact of the HPCMP.

Our Vision

A cadre of experts immersed in a culture of innovation and collaboration, working together as HPCMP pathfinders to explore, evaluate, and apply emerging HPC technology, develop HPC-backed solutions for
non-traditional users, and enhance user productivity through a modern HPC ecosystem

Areas of Focus

  • Emerging Technology - Reduce risk and improve performance by transitioning HPC research and benchmarking of hardware, application software, and refactoring approaches into HPCMP acquisition and operations
  • HPC-backed Solutions - Develop breakthrough, HPC-backed solutions for high priority DoD use cases through focused application development and technical assistance by Vanguard Center Tiger Teams
  • Lowering Barriers (High Productivity Computing) - Advance DoD productivity through a modern HPC ecosystem that integrates HW and SW to create dynamic workflows, increase accessibility, and enhance collaboration