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Welcome to the MHPCC DSRC

The MHPCC DSRC, established in 1993, is an Air Force research Laboratory (AFRL) Center managed by the University of Hawaii under contract to the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. The MHPCC DSRC operates as one of the five DoD Supercomputing Resource Centers in the DoD's High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP). Read More...

News & Events

MHPCC CWFS Maintenance – Wednesday, October 28th 2020
05 October 2020
The MHPCC CWFS (Centerwide Filesystem) will be offline on Wednesday, October 28, from 0800 to 1700 HST. During this maintenance, the CWFS will be upgraded to a newer version to be consistent with the other DSRC CWFS servers. The /p/cwfs and /portal filesystems will not be accessible, so the Portal Appliances will be offline as well during this maintenance so please plan accordingly.

Thank you.
MHPCC User Services
MHPCC Hokulea Maintenance – Wednesday, October 28th 2020
30 September 2020
MHPCC Preventive Maintenance (PM) for the IBM POWER8 Cluster, Hokulea, is scheduled for 0730 (HST), Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 as posted on the MHPCC web site at and

The primary focus of this outage is to perform software/security updates. All PBS job functions will be unavailable during this maintenance period.

User are invited to report problems and direct requests for unclassified assistance to The HPC HELP DESK at 1-877-222-2039 or email

Thank you.
MHPCC User Services