HPCMP Portal “Onboarding” Overview

The High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) is increasingly interested in ways to promote the use of high performance computing (HPC). At the direction of the HPCMP, the MHPCC DSRC has taken a leadership role in establishing the HPCMP Portal initiative expanding HPC support to DoD science and engineering organizations through the use of a web-enabled portal. MHPCC is working with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) DSRC, the USACE Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) DSRC, the Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments (CREATE) Team, and DoD communities of practice to enhance the role of HPC in DoD engineering and science/technology activities.

Through the HPCMP Portal users will gain the following benefits:

  • Improved access to the DoD Research and Engineering Network (DREN)
  • Agile access to running HPC jobs including access from any approved computer
  • Participation in collaborative portal activities designed to promote networking and new application integration
  • Access to dedicated HPC resources

Establish a Portal Account

Any user with an allocation at a given DSRC is automatically on-boarded to the HPC Portal. There is no sign up or additional account creation needed. A delay of up to 24 hrs after an allocation is created for the first time in pIE is expected. For further information about obtaining an allocation, visit https://centers.hpc.mil/users/index.html#accounts


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